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Epoxy Vinyl Ester Resin

In the past ten years, origchem resin has been exported to more than 10 countries and regions covering 6 continents, and has gained a high reputation from dealers and end customers. Origchem vinyl ester resin is mainly used in the production of FRP products suitable for flame retardancy and low smoke requirements, such as FRP plates for indoor use, flues, etc.; it can also be used in transportation components, such as train interior panels, FRP components of rail transit, and FRP storage Cans, containers, etc.

  • Epoxy vinyl ester resin

    Vinyl ester resins are used for demanding applications, including corrosion-resistant industrial tanks & pipes and pultruded profiles. Additionally, vinyl esters are often used in ...
  • Novalac Vinyl Ester Resin

    Vinyl ester resins are a combination of both polyester resin and epoxy resins best properties. While they have high mechanical strength values similar to epoxy resins, th...