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Fiberglass Roving

Fiberglass roving is a reinforcing material characterized by its unique features. It consists of continuous strands of glass fibers that exhibit exceptional strength and flexibility. With high tensile strength and excellent heat resistance, fiberglass roving is widely used in composite applications. It offers remarkable corrosion resistance, making it suitable for various industrial and construction purposes. Its lightweight nature enables easy handling and installation.

  • Filament Winding Roving

    Flament winding roving is mainly compatible with unsaturated polyeater, polyurethene, vinyl ester. epaxy and phenolic resing it is widely used in various pipes, pressure vessels, chemical strorage tanks, automobile, cable trays and insulation materials
  • Direct Roving For High Pressure Pipe

    Direct roving for pressure pipe is specially designed for reinforcing epoxy resin. Adopting ECR glass formula and coated by specialized silane sizing it mainly used into high pressure pipe, storage tank and pressure container. It has advantage of high mechanical strength and good fatigue resistance.
  • Pultrusion Roving

    ECR Pultrusion Roving is mainly compatible with unsaturated polyester, vinyl ester and phenolic resins. Pultrusion products can be widely applied in buliding communication, insulation field.
  • Direct Roving For Insulation Composites

    Our Direct Roving for Insulation Composites is a cutting-edge solution designed to revolutionize the realm of thermal insulation. Engineered with precision, this roving is tailored to enhance the thermal efficiency of composite materials.
  • Roving For Optical Cable Reinforced Core

    Roving for optical cable reinforced is compatible with vinyl ester resin and acrylic resin, the finished products is widely used in the field af building,  communication, electrical insulation etc.
  • Spray Up Roving

    Spray Up Roving is compatible with unsaturated polyester resin. It deivers properties of low static, excellent dispersion and good wet out in resins. It is mainly used in bathroom, vesseis and etc.
  • SMC Roving

    SMC Roving is suitable for reinforcing unsaturated polyester, vinyl ester resin, and etc, it delivering good dispersion after chopping. low fuzz,  fast wet out and low static. lts appicatians cover. Lautomotive parts, such as bumper, rear cover box, door, headliner;
    2. building & construction...
  • Panel Roving

    Panel Roving Coeted by specialized silane sizing, its compatible with unsaturated polyester resin and acrylic- based resin, it has excellent choppability and dispersibiity end it could be fast wet out.
  • Roving For Chopped Strand Mat

    Roving for chopped strand mat is competible with unsaturated polyester resin and vinyl resin, it is mainly used in chopped strand process. Finished product is mainly used in auto parts electronics, machinery and oonstruction materials, etc.
  • Chop Roving For Pipe

    Chop roving for pipe is compatible with UP and epoxy, it is a kind of fiberglass roving that specialized for chopping and applied in reinforcing pipe and tank.
  • Roving For Automotive Headliner

    Roving for automative headliner is a kind af strengthen fiberglass which designed for automotive headliner, it is compatible with unsaturated polyester resin, vinyl resin and polyurethene resin.
  • Prepreg Roving

    ECR prepreg roving is compatibel with epoxy, isocyanate resin, polyimide, bismaleimide, and phenolic resins. Prepreg products can be widely used in heicopter, golf dubs, badminton posts, fishing pole and other sport equipments.