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Raw Materials

Long-term Partnership: We aim to build long-lasting relationships with our customers. By consistently delivering exceptional service and value, we strive to be your trusted partner in chemical distribution.

Choose us as your chemical distributor, and experience the difference our comprehensive services can make to your business.

  • Raw material

    Cas 95-71-6, Cas 121-91-5, and Cas 110-98-5 are three chemical substances with broad applications. They offer unique advantages in different fields, catering to the diverse needs of customers and providing excellent performance. Our products strictly adhere to relevant quality standards, and we poss...
  • O-Toluic Acid /2-Methyl-Benzaldehyd-Diaethylacetal/Ortho toluic acid

    Product Name: Ortho Toluic AcidCAS No: 118-90-1Molecular Formula: C8H8O2Molecular Weight: 136.15Appearance: white powerAssay: 99.5%min
  • M-Toluic acid

    Identification Synonyms: 3-Methylbenzoic acid; m-Methylbenzoic acid; m-Toluylic acid; beta-Methylbenzoic acid Molecular Formula: C8H8O2 Molecular Weight :136.15 CAS Number : 99-04-7 EINECS/ELINCS :  202-723-9
  • Para Toluic Acid

    CAS No: 99-94-5 Molecular Formula:C8H8O2 Molecular Weight:136.15 Appearance:White powder Assay: 99.5%min